Pavilion and Grounds


  • Extensive recreation ground
  • Pavilion with toilets, showers, seating and refreshment facilities

Uses and users

The pavilion and recreation ground is well used by a number of local clubs, including:


Memorial Benches

The Village Hall is asked from time to time if villagers can put a memorial bench on the recreation ground to remember someone dear to them. We are very happy to help with these requests and, to give some general information, we have set out here, what is available.

It is important that the type of bench is standardised throughout the recreation ground, and it must be weather proof and vandal resistant. The aim is for it to look as good in 10 years as it does on the day it is put in without having to be maintained. There is nothing worse then seeing ‘your’ bench deteriorating over the years. We therefore will purchase all benches on behalf of the donor and arrange for them to be properly installed. We regret that other types of benches will not be allowed. The supplier we use can also supply any plaques required. The cost which a donor pays will be the cost which the supplier charges and for the installation cost. The benches are made of recycled plastics, weigh in excess of 75kg, and look really smart.

The approximate cost of a 6 feet bench will be £700, inclusive of delivery, VAT, commemorative plaque and installation. If you would like some more information please contact The Secretary, Wivelsfield Village Hall at or phone 01444 471664.